Easy express weight loss in a few days

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Urgent weight loss in just a couple of days is quite possible, but there is no question of losing 20 kg. The maximum result is 4-5 kg, otherwise the body and health will be irreparably harmed. Such express weight loss involves the preparation of a special diet, which makes it possible to quickly get rid of extra pounds. The diet itself is designed for a period of 3 days, a week, for 10-14 days. It is not recommended to observe it longer, because it is too dangerous.

Reviews about this express weight loss are different, some manage to get rid of extra pounds completely, while others have a slight weight loss of only 1 kg. It all depends on the initial general condition, weight, diet conditions, diet preparation. To organize such weight loss at home as safely as possible, you must follow 10 simple rules, including the choice of products, the need for active movements, the exclusion of junk food, which only causes weight gain. By following these simple recommendations, you can easily lose a couple of extra pounds in 3 days, especially if you have some kind of event ahead, and there is simply no time to engage in full weight loss.

Express weight loss tricks

For quick weight loss, you need to stop consuming fat for a while. This means that it is better to exclude all fried meats, thick meat broths and soups for a while. If the diet lasts more than a week, meat products should be left, but their quantity should be reduced to a minimum. The same goes for a number of dairy products and other fat-rich foods.

Express weight loss requires a complete rejection of sweets, otherwise the diet will not have a result, or it will be minimal. It is necessary to exclude buns, cakes, pastries, sweets and sugar from the diet, drink only unsweetened tea, it is better to refuse coffee for the time being. The same applies to honey, cocoa, and other products. It is quite possible to stretch a couple of days or a week without them, but this does not mean at all that upon reaching the desired result, it is allowed to immediately pounce on chocolate, the amount of sweets in the diet should be reduced to the minimum possible. Processed foods should be completely eliminated. This applies to chips, pasta, juices, compotes and other things. It is better to give preference to beans, ordinary rice in small quantities. They will supply the body with everything it needs.

Reducing the amount of carbohydrates

When deciding to lose weight in a week, special attention should be paid to how much carbohydrates are consumed with food. It is best to go on a low-carb diet right away, which will allow you to lose weight as quickly as possible. But it is impossible to linger on it for a long time in any case, because this is fraught with causing severe harm to the body. There will be a constant lack of strength, depression, drowsiness, and this is completely unacceptable. The maximum period that is possible on such a diet without carbohydrates is a month.

During this time, you need to consume a minimum amount of oatmeal and rice. This will allow you to maintain normal health, although a lack of energy will still be observed. This method is only allowed for small three-day diets, during which time the rejection of carbohydrates will not be perceived by the body as critical. For other diets, this rule is not recommended; carbohydrate intake should not be completely excluded in any case.

Express weight loss in 3 days is simply impossible without not exercising. Without activity, even the best diet will not bring results. You need to do aerobics about 5-6 times a week, if you need faster weight loss, then 2 times a day. You should organize jogging for half an hour in the morning and evening, perform simple exercises during the day that will help you lose weight. If possible, it is better to work out in gyms, but home exercises will not be superfluous.

The basis of the diet is proteins

You can not forget about proteins with home express weight loss. To maintain health, the volume of muscle mass, it must be remembered that the rate of protein intake per day is 1. 6 g per kg of weight. Therefore, it is better to exclude ordinary meat dishes for the period of express weight loss, because the amount of fat here is large. It is best to switch to dietary poultry meat dishes, use special protein shakes that contain the required amount of protein. Since the diet is designed for 3 days or a week, such a sharp exclusion of meat from the diet will not bring harm. It is necessary to leave the diet very carefully, otherwise it is possible to gain even more weight than was observed before losing weight.

With any fast diet at home, especially when you need to lose weight in 3 days, you need to drink more fluids. It should be not only water, you can take mineral water without gas, vegetable and very light dietary broths. The process of losing weight is quite simple, but it is worth remembering that excess moisture for the body is stressful. The adrenal glands begin to produce a large number of special stress hormones, and it is they who begin to burn fat quickly.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink as much light broths, unsweetened tea, and water as possible a week before losing weight. Meat fatty broths and soups are not suitable. Sweet juices, carbonated water, sweet tea and coffee are best avoided. Protein shakes help, which should be drunk with a break of 2. 5-3 hours. Steamed or boiled fish is good, but care must be taken here, because losing weight in a week can easily turn into indigestion for a much longer period.

The need to change calories

Losing weight in a week or a couple of days is possible, but you need to constantly change the calorie content of your diet. Nutrition should be organized according to the so-called zigzag method, that is, food intake should be reduced and increased every day. For example, such a scheme involves taking 1500 kcal in the first 3 days, they must be divided into 4 doses. Then, for 1 day, the calorie content rises to 1900 kcal, after which it decreases to 1500 for 3 days. If the feeling of hunger is very strong, weakness, general lethargy is observed, then it is best to remove the number of days with a small number of calories to two.

Special additives

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If you want to lose weight in just 3 days, then such a diet, of course, can no longer provide the body with everything it needs. As a result, there is a lack of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is necessary to additionally purchase special multivitamin complexes, mineral-rich supplements that will help maintain the required balance at home. Experts recommend adding fiber to protein shakes, using thermogenics with caffeine, but you shouldn’t get carried away with them.

With the help of such funds, you can lose weight in a week, but their constant impact on the body will only cause many problems. Experts recommend the use of diuretics, they remove fluid from the body very quickly. But you also need to be careful with them, because uncontrolled intake can lead to disastrous results. It is better to drink more plain fluids, especially before meals.

Getting rid of salt

To lose weight quickly at home, you should try to eliminate salt and salty foods from your diet. If you want to achieve a result in three days, it is recommended to expel as much water from the body as possible, but the moisture is retained precisely by sodium, which means that the salt must be removed. A review of a variety of modern express diets necessarily includes unsalted foods. It is impossible at this time to use mayonnaise, sauces based on it, herring and other pickles, pickled cucumbers, ketchup, and many canned foods. Chips, salted nuts, crackers, smoked meats and other foods that use salt are under a complete ban.

When cooking at home, if you need to lose weight in 3 days, you must also minimize the use of salt, or simply refuse it for this time. Salads, cereals, soups should not be salted. To lose extra pounds in 3 days, it is better to give preference to fresh products, they do not need to be fried or boiled. Refusal of sodium, i. e. salt, which retains water in the body, will allow you to quickly lose up to 4 kg of weight in 3 days.

Express diets are used when you need to lose a certain amount of extra pounds in just 3 days or a couple of weeks. Such diets cannot be used often, they are used only in special cases, when it is not possible to take a long course of safe weight loss, and you need to get rid of a couple of kilograms right now. For such weight loss, a variety of diets and nutrition schemes are used.